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What do you azur players think of my fleet composition. Fleet 1: Backline (Amagi, Rodney, Unicorn) Front line (Phoenix, Helena, Z23) - Flagship is Amagi Fleet 2: Backline (Kaga (BB), Nelson, Shouhou) Frontline (Prinz Eugen, Cleveland, Laffey) - Flagship is Kaga. Advice is welcomed, this game is still...
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Experiment with different fleet arrangements to gain special Fleet Effects that can provide in-game stat bonuses. Ready, Aim, Fire – In Azur Lane: Crosswave, you can now control, aim, and fire at incoming battleships, aircraft carriers, and other enemies. Depending on the character’s subtype, players can dash to evade attacks or activate defensive shields, unleash torpedoes or aircrafts, and switch-on character-specific special attacks to defeat unruly enemies!
Become a patron. May 31, 2019 at 10:16 PM. Azur Lane Fanfic. Atago.
Azur Lane. 2017. Другие видео об этой игре. Azur Lane Guide: Zombie Fleets (Phoenix + Cassin/Downes).Azur Lane Tier List created and supported by Azur Lane Official's #gameplay-help channel and a bunch of AL veterans from various servers.This tier list ranks the ship's performanc Guide on building the best fleet in Azur Lane and actual examples of top-tier fleets created by the best players of Azur Lane. Building the perfect fleet in Azur Lane is an everlasting process with new ships being released occasionally and tweaks happening every so often.
This is the official Instagram of Azur Lane! We can help promote your fanart or cosplay work! Please email them to [email protected] if you need~
Fandoms: 碧蓝航线 | Azur Lane (Video Game). Mature. Choose Not To Use Archive Warnings. Only a single one may exist, and a single Commander has been put in charge of the joint fleet. Yet the kansen leaders hold themselves above such service, and choose to maintain their own fleets, giving...Kaga launches an attack against her own camp to reveal the Orochi and joins forces with the Sirens. They launch a weapon of mass destruction, forcing the Azur Lane to react. The Red Axis fleet regroups to pursue the Orochi.
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