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Russian Peasant (Multiply two numbers using bitwise operators). Multiplication of two numbers with shift operator. Code to generate the map of India (with explanation). We can solve this problem with the shift operator. The idea is based on the fact that every number can be represented in binary...
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Design of Parallel In - Serial OUT Shift Register using Behavior Modeling Style - Output Waveform : Parallel IN - Serial OUT Shi... 4 to 1 Multiplexer Design using Logical Expression (Verilog CODE).
Verilog delay modeling. Verilog provides language constructs to model any kind of delays. The summary of coding guidelines is: Modeling combinational logic with procedural assignments. Modeling combinational logic with nonblocking procedural assignment with delays added on RHS will...
Verilog Code for 32-bit Integer Divider. The following Verilog code implements the algorithm detailed in the previous section. Taking advantage of the flexible register sized in an HDL, the initial value of working product is set equal to divisor*2 31 by simply storing it in the appropriate place within the product field.
Assembly Language - Division. The Reduced Instruction Set of all chips in the ARM family - from the ARM2 to the StrongARM - includes weird and wonderful instructions like MLA (Multiply with Accumulate: multiply two registers and add the contents of a third to the result) and ASL (Arithmetic Shift Left: absolutely identical to the Logical Shift Left instruction). The Interleaved Native Compiled Code (INCA) Architecture. The Cadence® Verilog Desktop Simulator. Verilog-XL and NC Verilog Simulator Interactive Debug Commands. Using the Affirma™ SimVision Analysis Environment.
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